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Alternative: 리셋팅 레이디
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Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Reincarnation, Romance, Shoujo, Villainess,
Status: Ongoing

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Read manhwa Resetting Lady / The Crimson Lady / 리셋팅 레이디 / 리셋레 / Reset Lady / The Resetting Lady / 無限輪迴的我成了殺人魔 / 重置女士 I got into a novel. If I can find my true love, I will have a happy ending But when it came to the end, I accepted death. After opening my eyes again, I was back to the starting point. I fell in love once more. But in the end, death still greeted me. Poisoned, suffocated, died from a fall, crushed, starved,… On my 117th birthday, Karen Hier – I decided to be a killer.

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