Omae No Subete Wo Daki Tsukusu

Omae No Subete Wo Daki Tsukusu Manga


Alternative: I'll embrace all of you ~Zero days dating, then suddenly marriage?!
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Author(s): Hashiba Mizu
Genre: Comedy, Josei, Romance, Smut,
Status: Ongoing

Omae No Subete Wo Daki Tsukusu Content

"I'm already overflowing like this... I'll just shove it in.""Manager... more... I mean.. Ahh!"Kiyoko (33) a female banker, who was about to get married, suddenly got her engagement cancelled. It was an old enemy and Manager, Samejima, who consoled Kiyoko in her disappointment.We were getting drunk, and then I found myself in bed and getting really crazy...The hot and hard part of the Manager, who was difficult to get close to, stimulated Kiyoko's innermost body, and she enjoyed unbelievable pleasures.The next day, when I thought all of it was just a one night thing, the Manager declared, "I already registered our marriage." ?!!

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